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The Spiffy SPILeash and Goods From Teddy the Dog

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Dog leashes have come a long way. Sure, you can still get one with just a hook and a loop, but there are so many options on the market now, from-over-the-shoulder systems to around-the-waist versions for running.

Bay Woof recently sampled the SPILeash ($19.99) from It’s a 42-inch nylon handheld leash with three loops and an expandable nylon cargo pocket, technically called a SPI Solo-Pocket. SPI stands for small personal item, and the company makes other products like waist belts, travel belts, and medical device belts. Runners in particular use the belts.

Wiley’s SPILeash is always filled with poop bags and a little baggie full of kibble as training treats, but it can easily accommodate my iPhone, keys, ID, and maybe more — it expands, afterall, to 6.5-by-3-by-2 inches. When full, all that adds a little heft to the leash, which sports one of its loops behind the pocket for anyone who might like to hang onto it like a strap rather than looping the leash around the wrist. Poop bags and treats aren’t heavy enough to make much difference — all this user notices is the convenience. The hook is beefy enough for easily handling, and there’s no dangling extra poop bag container around the handle, so the SPILeash feels like a sleek option. The leash comes in two colors: all black or red and black.

The SPILeash has become the go-to leash for Wiley’s main collar for quick potty breaks in the early mornings and her last outing before bedtime. (For long walks, she wears a purple print martingale with a matching leash because Wiley is still learning leash manners.)

The inventor of the handy belt/leash product is Kim Overton who made her first SPIBelt in 2006 as a way to carry her phone and keys while running in her hometown of Austin, Texas, where SPIBelts continue to be made today. Learn more at

BW 3-19 OTS Shirts2

Bay Woof was also introduced recently to Teddy the Dog products. The company makes dog-centric apparel, gifts, and accessories with witty — usually punny — sayings and graphics. Teddy the Dog’s humans were promoting its charitable side through its Teddy Gives Back initiative and its Pick of the Litter limited-edition program that offers winning weekly designs that customers can pre-order before the new designs are sold for a short time online.

Teddy is a sunglasses-wearing pointy-eared hound character who appears on all the goods that go way beyond T-shirts and include drinkware, coasters, totes, blankets, towels, magnets, and much, much more.

Bay Woof was the recipient of women’s V-neck maroon T-shirt ($32) with Teddy surrounded by Pomeranians with the saying, “You Da Pom!” A big success: soft, cottony, and tagless, plus made in the U.S. of A.

If you like puns and dogs — or have a friend or loved one who does — this is the ultimate hookup.

Find Teddy the Dog stuff at

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