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Natural Treats and Fancy Water for Pets

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Eat Up

Subscription services for dogs abound, and Bay Woof was recently introduced to a new one, Ernest. It’s pet care company that sells natural dog treats, cruelty-free shampoo, natural flea and tick spray, recycled poop bags, poop bag dispensers, shampoo, and some supplements. Ernest sells directly to consumers using one brand of products.

The basic package offered is The Bundle Box (starting at $29.50), which includes a monthly supply of treats, “breath bars,” and “No. 2 bags.” Ordering them at once saves about 20 percent over individual purchase prices, and they arrive in a cute turquoise box with an interior lined with goofy dog head illustrations. Customers can choose the frequency and extras. 

Wiley’s adorable box — now her at-work toy box — contained treats, a turquoise poop bag dispenser ($2), and matching turquoise poop bags (4 rolls, 60 bags, $5) with the Ernest logo and the saying “very serious puppy love,” Wiley got to sample the chicken and pumpkin recipe biscuits, petite little crackers that easily break in half and come in a re-sealable package. She loves them.

There are two other biscuit recipes available: beef and cheese and peanut butter and banana (all $10), but Wiley did not sample those. Ernest also offers bully sticks ($25) and two kinds of chewy treats — a duck and oats recipe and a peanut butter and oats recipe (allboth $8). And Ernest makes PB bacon boost toppers ($15) and “breath bars” ($20). Customers can choose any of those as add-ons.

The poop bags are made from recycled material, as is the plastic poop dispenser, which is the typical oblong variety with a middle hole for dispensing and a plastic carabiner-type hook. It looks pretty on Wiley’s pink leash.

The subscription service was launched by two sisters, Andrea and Natlaia Tovar, of Bocce’s, a dog treat brand. Learn more at


Drink Up

Specialty water for pets? You betcha. Bay Woof recently received Alkazone Pet Water, “an ultra-purified water with essential minerals,” which recently entered the sales market touting its antioxidant properties.

Drinking this water, which has a 9.5 pH, is supposed to minimize those pesky yellow urine spots your dog creates on lawns, and the essential minerals may increase immunity, help detoxify, and support natural body functions.

Test dog Wiley doesn’t have a lawn of her own, so there’s no real proof whether Aklazone eliminates the spots, though the idea is that alkaline water reduces the acidity of urine. The minerals include potassium phosphate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, sodium selenite, calcium chloride, zinc, and lactate.

Initially, Wiley perhaps coincidentally had some loose stool after drinking it. Since then, she has had no negative or perceivable positive effects. I leave Alkazone Pet Water aside her regular water bowl at work, and so far, she drinks the tap water first but laps up the Alkazone Pet Water, too. She hasn’t said if the purported crispness is discernable. 

Alkazone Pet Water comes in 16.9-ounce ($1.89) and 1-liter ($2.89) sizes. The company is based in Hackensack, New Jersey. Learn more

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Main article photo by: Photos courtesy Ernest Pet and Alkazone Pet Water