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The Milo Foundation Puts Pets’ Needs First

The Milo Foundation began in August 1994 with a seemingly simple idea: to give animals, especially abandoned stray dogs and cats that fill rural shelters, as well as urban at-risk animals, a chance at a good life. Today, it’s an established nonprofit no-kill organization providing an alternative for homeless pets throughout California.

Our main office and primary adoption center is in Point Richmond, Milo Point Richmond, or MPR. We also have The Milo Sanctuary 283 acres east of Willits, with an ever-changing population of farm animals, 80-100 dogs, and 60-70 felines.

The Redwod Fires that burned 36,000 acres on Mendocino County around Willits and Ukiah forced evacuation of the Sanctuary animals and live-in staff. Many animals were fostered; hundreds of volunteers helped out, and some animals were moved temporarily to MPR. Afer eight intense days, Cal Fire declared the Sanctuary safe.

We are so grateful for the support from so many. During the Sanctuary evacuation, we were overwhelmed with offers of assistance. Thank you for caring and for your patience. Visit and designate contributions for the “Fire Evacuation Fund.” Milo is here to assist fire victims with their animals at both locations.

Milo has achieved a lot of good for the over 28,000 animal lives it has saved during 24 years. Through this summer, Milo rescued and re-homed 897 dogs, 281 cats, seven chickens and their fine rooster, and two-good sized red slider turtles. Now our animals are finding permanent homes through their fire evacuation fosters.

Part of our mission means we often drive animals up and down the (now scorched)Highway 101 corridor. We also drive to the Central Valley.

We recently put the final touches on our Sanctuary Volunteer Cabin. Next spring, we plan to build a Small Dog Haven at the Sanctuary, a cage-free space with four room rooms for small and senior dogs who will have access to their own yards, and rooms with cabins and comfy beds. When Milo began at the Sanctuary, there was not a small dog over-population issue; small dogs were not being killed in the great numbers they are now. These days small dogs need rescuing as much as their larger counterparts; thus, they deserve their own space, too. We will also build new and improved insulated doghouses from some of the large dog yards.

We welcome carpenters and artisans to come up and help, and we allow people to get creative as they give back. We have a basic insulated design but welcome creativity, giving the dog yards some artistic flair. We have had an amazing donation of lumber and plywood. Ready for building!

Happily, on Nov. 1, we welcome an amazing Sanctuary manager, Walter Kolon, who has skills unlike anyone ever a part of Milo. He has run large farms and ranches, knows equines, has done mounted search and rescue, and raised, among others, three Milo dogs, cats, countless horses, and other farm animals. We are thrilled.

Milo believes that there is a home for virtually every dog and cat. Some may need special care, special people, or special circumstances to thrive, and in time, we find that for most. When needed, the Sanctuary is home. Time is what we can afford to give there, and the animals have space to run and play. We don’t kill for space, and we provide the veterinary care for those in need. Volunteer help is always welcome at the Sanctuary.

At Milo, we see so many animals that people have turned away. Many arrive perky, happy, and healthy, just about ready to go home. Others come needed to be nurtured, rehabbed, and nursed back to health. It takes time, patience, and funding to do what we do every day.

Milo rescues and places an average of about six animals a day at MPR. It’s a constant ebb and flow of animals rescued from euthanasia in shelters across our state. From the smallest Chihuahua or Poodle to Great Pyrenees and Mastiff mixes; from just-born puppies to seniors of all breed mixes as well as purebreds, we rescue them all. Milo has an ever-growing group of volunteers helping, and you can, too. We hold volunteer orientations on the second and last Thursdays at 5 p.m. at MPR. Come help out.

If you would like to help, please go to our website to learn more and to see Milo’s adoptable animals.

Lynne Tingle is the executive director and founder of the Milo Foundation. Bay Woof readers voted Milo the Best Rescue Group—East Bay in the 2017 Beast of the Bay contest. You can learn more about the Milo Foundation at MPR, 220 S. Garrard Blvd., Point Richmond, is open 11 a.m.-5 p.m. daily except Tuesdays; 510-900-2275. The mailing address is P.O. Box 6625, Albany, CA 94706.

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Doggie in the Window

At press time, these dogs were available for adoption at Milo Point Richmond or the Milo Sanctuary. Visit


Doggie Window - Clementine

Darling Clementine is active, funny, sweet, playful, happy, and cute to boot! She thrives with training. Because she’s young, she’s easily distracted so will need a patient, consistent owner to help manage her impulses. She knows how to play fetch and adores running around the park with dogs. Her recall isn’t spot-on yet, so she shouldn’t be trusted off-leash unless in a fenced area. With continued basic training and an active lifestyle, Clem will flourish. She is a petite 26 pounds though will likely fill out to be about 30 pounds.



Doggie Window - Caramel

This Great Pyrenees mix is a big lover and would thrive with walks and hikes. He has a playful side but can be a protector/guardian, so he needs a quiet, dog-savvy home without kids. Caramel is playful, affectionate, and loves scratches and belly rubs plus walks, fetch, and chew toys. He can be a little mouthy when excited or playing and need leash works.



Doggie Window - Carmellia

This youngster is very ready for a loving home, with kids, other dogs, even cats. She is adventurous, cuddly, playful, and clever. She has adorable scruffy whiskers, and her long legs make her agile, athletic, and ready to romp with the big dogs. She can hike, camp, play fetch, and is a unique combination of scruff and long-legged Chi-Terrier. Pups take a firm commitment to training and socialization, so think hard about your lifestyle and time and energy demands. But she will be an awesome addition to any fun-loving family!




This is Nina, a beautiful Basenji mix who is quite a sweet girl with a striking reddish-tan coat, beautiful eyes, and expressive bat ears. She is a good walker and very curious and interested in the world around her. Plants, dogs, people, traffic—much get her attention. We’re getting to know this lovely smooth-coated Basenji mix with a regal demeanor, contrasting white markings, and gentle intelligence. She won’t last long. A great pal for adventures, she takes everything in stride, and loves making new friends!

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