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Pets in Need Expands

It has never been in Pets In Need’s DNA to remain stagnant. Since the inception of our organization in 1965, we have continually evolved to fulfill our mission of ending pet homelessness, neglect, and abuse. What started as a small volunteer-based rescue operation is now a well-respected shelter, complete with vibrant and popular education programs, spay and neuter services, and efficient adoption programs. While we are immensely proud of the growth we have experienced, the space limitations of our current facility prevents us from effectively expanding our mission.

With our mission always top of mind, we have set out to expand our operation to save the lives of hundreds more animals per year. With rent, construction, and land prices being a large barrier to building a brand new shelter, over the past few years we have been exploring all available options for growth. We believe we have found the best opportunity possible for expansion by working with the city of Palo Alto to begin operating its current shelter. To finalize the agreement, the Palo Alto City Council will vote on the contract soon. If passed, Pets In Need will begin operating the city’s municipal shelter in July or August.

With upgraded medical areas, expanded workspace for staff and volunteers, and added kennels to hold more animals, the Palo Alto shelter will be receiving a major facelift. Pets In Need Redwood City will also benefit, as we plan on converting our current administrative area into a brand new kitten nursery.

Neo-natal kittens are the most at-risk population of animals that enter shelters due to the labor-intensive process required to keep them alive. Many shelters are simply not equipped to handle the massive influx of young kittens arriving at shelters during the warmer months. In our current state, we rely on fosters to raise kittens until they are ready for adoption. With the addition of a kitten nursery, we will be able to save hundreds of additional kittens per year and provide all of our feline friends with a higher standard of care.

Our canine residents will be better served as well. We have already made important additions to our animal care team that will focus specifically on behavior modification, enrichment, and general training for our dogs. Upon intake, staff will perform a behavior assessment and, if necessary, design a unique plan to work with the animal on any behaviors that may hinder adoption. For all other dogs that enter the shelter, the team will provide ongoing enrichment and teach basic commands to keep our canines mentally stimulated and lower their shelter-induced stress.

In keeping with our mission, this expansion into Palo Alto will enable Pets In Need to save more animals and enrich the lives of animals in our care.

For more than 53 years, Pets In Need has served as a voice for the voiceless, and now more than ever, we are motivated to continue until every animal has a loving family to call its own.

Jacqueline Stewart is the development assistant for Pets in Need in Redwood City. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Cleo, and exploring the outdoors together. Learn more about the organization at

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Doggie in the Window

At press time, all these dogs were available for adoption from Pets In Need in Redwood City. To see more animals and to learn more about these special dogs, visit



1 year, female, 45 pounds, Boxer mix.

Cuddly, playful, social, Callie is an all-around great companion. She is the perfect partner for any activity from lounging on the couch to walks in bustling downtown areas to hikes around the headlands.



4 years, male, 36 pounds, Wirehaired terrier mix. Obie’s a big boy with an even bigger heart and is looking for a family who will just give him chance. His fave activities include chasing after tennis balls and sharing snuggles with humans.



2 years, male, 12 pounds, Chihuahua mix. If we can describe Guru in three words: gentle, affectionate, curious. Around the shelter, he can be found sitting on a lap of a volunteer or running around with his roomie, Peach. As one of PIN’s long-time residents, he is eager to find his forever family.



4 years old, Female, 8 pounds, Chihuahua mix. Peach is a total sweetheart. Once she warms up to you, all she’ll want to do is follow you and stick by your side. She will be a wonderful companion in a calm, easy-going household. Peach is hoping to soon move into a cozy home with her roomie, Guru.



5 months, male, 9 pounds, Terrier mix

Young Joker is looking for the perfect family to grow up with. He’s a chill little dude with a love for playing with other dogs his size. His best feature? We gotta say it’s his adorable underbite.

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