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Hubba Bubba at Hopalong Needs You

Sometimes elderly dogs are the hardest to find loving adopters for. If the older dog is also a large breed animal, that’s two strikes that put them in the category of unadoptable. We don’t know why.

Maybe folks think adopting a senior dog will leave them vulnerable to hurt after they open their hearts to an animal that may have limited time to spend with his new family. Perhaps some people believe their lives will be consumed by the daily activities required to keep an old, large dog going, and thus put a time constraint on their lives. Maybe some people just don’t want older, big dogs because they aren’t as cute as their younger counterparts, which come with soft coats and curious whiskers.

That seems to be the case with Hopalong Animal Rescue’s largest resident, Hubba Bubba, an 8-year-old Rottweiler senior with the heart and energy of a dog several years his junior. Hubba Bubba came to Hopalong from Butte County. He was an evacuee from the area when the shelter needed to make room for animals arriving from the Butte County fire in early November. Before arriving at the Butte County shelter, Hubba Bubba spent most of his 8 years as a yard dog, which means he didn’t necessarily learn the manners or skills accustomed to a housetrained dog. He’s also used to having a lot of room to expend that happy-go-lucky energy he unleashes whenever he meets a new friend.

Hubba Bubba’s puppyish behavior can be very misleading though, because he wants to please his human friends, too. When walked on a leash, he’ll gladly pull his weight (and yours) down the stairs at his pace, but outdoors he’s the perfect leashed companion. He listens to commands, keeps time with his walker (and doesn’t pull), and he’ll even jump right up into his crate for car rides, provided there is a tasty treat to motivate him.

When Hubba Bubba first came to the Hopalong office in Oakland, our dog program manager, Alex Sanchez, put him through several behavioral tests. She learned that he loved kids. He isn’t quite sure what to think of cats, so we assume he’s had limited exposure to them. He gets along with most dogs, but holds a special place for his best doggy friends. After his office visit, Hubba Bubba went to the vet. Like many senior dogs, he did have some tell-tale signs of aging: The untreated skin rash on his back and nose is commonly found in older dogs. With just a few topical treatments and a warming sweater, Hubba Bubba’s skin is almost back to normal. After a stop at the vet for medical treatment, Hubba Bubba went into a loving foster home with his foster mama, Tracy, who takes him for long walks every day to help him expend energy and work on his manners. She also gives him frequent baths to help with the itchiness his rash and skin treatment might be causing.

Hubba Bubba is medically cleared and ready for adoption. He’ll remain in his Hopalong foster home for however long it takes for this big goofball to find the perfect forever match. Reach out to the Hopalong dog program manager Alex Sanchez to set up an appointment to meet Hubba Bubba. Sanchez can be reached at, 510-267-1915,
ext 102. Visit

Dani Clark is the director of volunteer services at Hopalong Animal Rescue,, in Oakland. She has an MFA in creative writing from St. Mary’s College of California. At home, she has four Hopalong cats named Beli, Shishi, Bobby J, and Biff. She also has a rat snake named Goliath.

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Doggie in the Window

Adopt Me From Hopalong Animal Rescue

At press time, these dogs were available for adoption at Hopalong Animal Rescue in Oakland. To learn more about them and other dogs Hopalong is assisting, visit


Hubba Bubba


Hubba Bubba is an 80-pound male 8-year-old Rottweiler mix who came to Hopalong from Butte County and the fires. Hubba Bubba lived his whole life in a yard, so he needs a patient family who can teach him how to belong in a loving home. A total sweetie, he loves kids but hasn’t figured out cats. His adoption fee is sponsored.




Howie is a male Chihuahua mix about 4 years old who weighs under 15 pounds. He came from Butte County and is a real lap dog but also loves to play. He gets along great with other dogs and OK with cats who can stick up for themselves. Howie is very funny, and he has a great sense of humor. Howie is also very smart and mostly fearless.


Mark Anthony


Mark Anthony is a male spaniel-Chihuahua mix who is about four months old and weights under 20 pounds. He is a sweet and spunky boy who likes to frolic with his big kitty pal in his foster home. When not jumping up and down, he can be a good chill-on-the-couch lounge partner and is very gifted at warming laps. Mark Anthony can start out a little shy with new doggies, but he loved to wrestle with some pups before they were adopted. He has positive yet restrained demeanor and loves a good cuddle


Ozzie Pawsborne


Little Ozzie Pawsborne is a small, male Chihuahua mix who weighs under 15 pounds. At 4 months old, he is one adorable, spunky pup. He is as tiny as a peanut, but he comes with a mighty spirit and personality. Ozzie is very curious, adventurous, and loves meeting new dogs. He’s outgoing, loves to play (especially running and fetching), and is sensitive. When meeting new people, he approaches with caution but easily comes around with a treat. He is also quite a lap dog .




Dior is a spaniel mix who’s about 2.5 years old and weighs under 30 pounds. She is a super-sweet but shy girl. She has been in a foster home where she has learned to be a super-sweet pup. She was rescued by her foster who adores her. She will go potty outside and, if needed, on a potty pad indoors. She loves her foster family and gets along well with other dogs. Dior would love a home where someone could just be patient and give her lots of love so she can learn to be more brave.


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