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HSSV Fosters Save Lives

Annie and her eight puppies needed a place to go. They were at a shelter in the Central Valley that didn’t have the capacity to meet their ongoing needs at such a critical time in the puppies’ development. The shelter reached out to us at Humane Society Silicon Valley to see if we could take them. We were already planning on transporting a number of dogs from this shelter into our care — including another mom and her puppies — and didn’t have extra space to hold Annie and her family.

But we just couldn’t leave Annie and her babies behind. We sent out a plea to our foster base to ask if anyone could take in this big family for a few weeks. It was nearly the holidays, which can often be a difficult time for families to foster new animals due to vacation and travel schedules. We were worried that we would have a hard time finding someone to take in a large-breed dog and her eight growing puppies.

But our fosters stepped up to help. Within hours of arriving at HSSV, Annie and her family were already being picked up by their new foster family.

Thanks to foster families who care for animals like Annie and her puppies in their homes, we are able to save more dogs than ever before. Without fosters, we wouldn’t have the space or resources to care for as many animals as we do. Now, partly thanks to a growing foster base, we are able to save more dogs and puppies from overcrowded shelters in places like the central valley through our regional rescue program.

The need for help in areas like the Central Valley is high, especially for vulnerable populations like sick or tiny puppies. We anticipate rescuing many more animals this year, many who will need to spend time in foster care growing bigger, recovering from illnesses, or healing from injuries before they’re able to be placed for adoption.

Thanks to our amazing foster families, we are confident that we’ll have the ability to save these lives. To find out more about fostering with HSSV, please visit

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BW 3-19 Milo

Milo is a 5.5-year-old Husky mix who’s looking for a job. This happy, energetic boy likes to move, move, move. He’s sweet, learning awesome leash manners, and likes to fetch. He’s the perfect dog for the Husky-loving family.



BW 3-19 Dorothy

Dorothy may be 8 years old, but that hasn’t lessened her spirit or spunk. She’s an outgoing gal who loves long walks and cuddle time equally. This polite gal is ready to find her perfect home.



BW 3-19 Alix

Three words to describe Alix? Agile, strong, and focused. She loves to learn, lives to herd, and will always make sure to stop and smell the roses … and the grass … and the trees. Nothing can get past this active girl.



BW 3-19 Annie

Sweet, gentle Annie just finished raising her babies and is ready for the royal treatment. This 5-year-old girl loves belly rubs, massages, and any and all treats. She’s looking for a family to treat her like the princess she is.



BW 3-19 Sweetie

Hello, I’m Thweetie. I love lapth, being carried, and thpending time with my favorite humanth. Thnuggling ith my exthra favorite. Want to meet me? I’m in a fothter home — fill out my quethtionaire here:

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