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Frosty Finds a Forever Home With Help From Grateful Dogs Rescue

Grateful Dogs Rescue is an all-volunteer based rescue. We do not have a shelter, so all of our dogs are placed in foster homes. We are very fortunate to have a network of supportive and dedicated foster homes that give our dogs the time and space to adjust to their life-changing situations. Many of the dogs we take into our foster program have medical needs that require vet care and time to recuperate.

One of our memorable medical dogs was the loving but toothless poodle, Frosty. This little guy encountered some tough bumps along the road of life. Frosty was a neglected mess when his owners surrendered him to San Jose Animal Care Center.   His poodle fur was matted and filled with flea debris. He had extreme dental disease; it was one of the worst cases the shelter had ever seen. The shelter groomed him, and most of his teeth were removed. And then he came to Grateful Dogs Rescue to recover and to get ready for adoption.

Even though he was named Frosty, he was pulled from the San Jose shelter in 106 degree weather. Not a comfortable day for a confused guy that had over 20 of his teeth pulled. Frosty developed a very odd mannerism of rubbing his mouth with his paws, on anything solid, like the furniture or even the floor; he did this especially when he was nervous. We were worried there was something wrong with his mouth after such an extensive surgery, but he was fine. His odd gesture, possibly originated from years of mouth pain. Frosty’s foster mom’s love and nurturing environment gave him time to rest and recover.

Frosty was adopted into a family with a teenage daughter, who was perfect to focus her love on him. She adores Frosty, and he adores her back. This toothless poodle with the odd mannerisms has found his forever with this wonderful family. Frosty, now Beau, was so fortunate to have had a loving, supportive foster home that gave him the time to rest and recover.

Grateful Dogs Rescue has many loving foster homes, but we can always use more. There are lots of dogs out there who just need a place to land for a few weeks or a few months until the perfect adoptive home is found.

Please consider joining Grateful Dogs Rescue as foster parent. You will make a difference. Here is the link to our website:

Denise Dirickson has volunteered and fostered dogs for Grateful Dogs Rescue, She is also a Grateful Dogs Rescue adopter. 


Frosty, top of page, became Beau at his forever home, where he is doing great.  


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