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Volunteer Appreciation

Our dedicated volunteers and foster homes [“Shelters, Rescues Are Grateful for Their Awesome Volunteers,” November] are our heart and soul in saving hundreds of rescue dogs and cats from many shelters every year. We have no office, nor shelter building. No agency van. We use our own vehicles. This year, we are proud to feature our super star Dan Mills, who does it all to save furry lives.

Furry Friends Rescue 

Valley Humane Society was given the opportunity to recognize our longtime volunteer, Gary Antone, in Bay Woof. We’d like to extend a big thank you to Gary for his hard work and dedication to making a difference in the lives of animals in our community.

Valley Humane Society

Here’s to all the Bay Area animal welfare volunteers and especially our Julie! Thanks, Bay Woof.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Heartwarming article on the many amazing volunteers out there! Very inspiring!

Angela D. Curry

Proud Partnership

Thank you to Bay Woof for the feature on SVPP and our exciting partnership with Mutt Lynch Winery [“Mutt Lynch Winery, SVPP Develop a Powerful Partnership,” December].

Silicon Valley Pet Project and Pup Plaza

Keep It Simple

When it comes to parties and dogs, less is best [Be Festive, Not Freaked Out,” December].  

Kelly Gorman Dunbar


A photo credit on the December table of contents page was incorrect. The photo was by Solovyova / iStock.

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