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Thinking About Robot Dogs

Robot Dogs

I think they’re going to be very expensive, and they’re very freaky looking [“Beware Those Robot Dogs,” Nose for News, June]. They’d have to be used for very specialized tasks that would not be possible for a well-trained service dog. And I think it said it can only run for 90 minutes on a charge, so it would fatigue much sooner than a good service dog.

Stacy’s Wag’N’Train


Kitty Playtime

Need to revive your play routine with your cat? Dilara G. Parry [of Feline Minds Cat Behavior Consulting] wrote an article [Kitty Corner, “Cats and Play: It’s Serious Business,” May] for Bay Woof on just how to do that!

Feline Minds


Good Looking Dog

Gorgeous cover!! [June 2018]

Holly Hessinger


Another Perspective

As a person with back and neck issues caused from getting hit by a car as a pedestrian, and owning a large, very strong dog, I took issue with the all-or-nothing commentary from SF SPCA [on prong collars].

Before anyone tells me about training, let me establish that all my adult dogs have Companion Dog obedience titles, CGC and Rally titles. This particular dog was ranked No. 5 Rottweiler in the USA in 2012 for his performance in the Rally ring. I have also had the No. 1 Rottweiler in the U.S.A. for Rally Advanced.

So, I know my training. I believe in positive reinforcement training and achieve terrific results with it.

However, when out walking on the street or at a park, it is not always possible to anticipate everything, and having that increased measure of control that may make the difference between a lunge pulling me over or having the means to keep two dogs separate without injuries to either dogs or me, I’ll take the prong collar.

Your position is not helpful in all situations, and you might consider this before trying to guilt people who need a prong for safety reasons, including their own health.

D. Elisabeth Aymett



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