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Thanks From Umbrella of Hope

Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you so much for featuring Umbrella of Hope in your August 2016 [“Umbrella of Hope Urges a Look Within”] issue. We received a huge amount of response and gained some new followers.

UOH Staff, Pittsburg


Icky Tripe

Disgusting. With all the healthy vegan and vegetarian dog foods commercially available and your publication chose TRIPE [“What’s All the Stink About Tripe,” September 2016] to promote???

Nick Weidner


Poor Rats

I wonder about sanctioning and encouraging prey drive in pet dogs [“Bitten by the Barn Hunt Bug,” August 2016]. After all, anything we encourage/train is likely to be repeated whether in the Barn Hunt arena or on the neighbor’s cats. And how humane is it to “worry” the rats over and over again in a competition. The rodents must feel the inevitable anxiety of being prey, enclosure or no enclosure. Sorry; there are many, many activities, competitions, and dog sports we can partake in that don’t involve faux violence. Not a fan.

Bari Halperin, Dog Days Training, Woodside

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