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Bay Woof subscribers can get a special discount on our book, 49 Dogs and One Cat: The Insider’s Guide to San Francisco [“Showcasing a Dog’s-Eye View of the San Francisco Bay Area,” November, featuring the photography of Michelle Russ of Hilarious Hound], by using coupon code WOOF20.

Hotel Nikko San Francisco

Training Advice

Wonderful [What to Know When You Bring Home a Rescue Dog,” November]! Can’t wait to hold the paper in my hand.

Sybil Amy Saesselin,
 K9 Keep Fit

Comments on the Volunteer Tributes

This is so great! I love sharing these with volunteers and also reading about the volunteers from other organizations. Thanks for doing something like this in Bay Woof.

Dani Clark,
 Hopalong & Second Chance Animal Rescue

Thank you so much.

Jill Levia, Copper’s Dream

Too bad photo of Dan Mills is not with his Lab. They cropped the photo.  

Emily Verna,
 Furry Friends Rescue

Thank you. It looks nice. I already shared on Facebook.

Maria Da Costa,
Grateful Dogs Rescue


Buffy Martin Tarbox, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA


Bay Woof mistakenly ran a volunteer tribute from 2018, highlighting the work of volunteer Sally Wing of Boulder Creek for the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. Amy Gerome, volunteer coordinator, had sent in information on husband-and-wife team Nancie Newby and Brian Gustavson, and you can read about them in this issue. Also, Bay Woof missed ARF Life’s tribute to Vicki Muzny, which is also in this issue. Both will be added to the online version for November. 

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