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Readers Like the Idea of Cat Food Puzzles

Cat Puzzles

You need some activities for them [Kitty Corner, “Cats Will Work for Their Food, Too,” November]!

—Kimberly Pelham



—Peter Shipilov


Let’s get Luna one!

—Roberta Centanne

Thanks, Volunteers

Volunteers are awesome [“Shoutouts to Awesome Voluntters,” November]! Josh [Norem, aka The Furrtographer, who did the November cover] is an incredible volunteer as well!!!

­—Kelly Lynn


Yay for Kay Martin, volunteer extraordinaire at OAS [Oakland Animal Services]!

—Kristy Lai


About Dogs Like Red

They are the best gift we get [“The Story of Red the Dog,” October]

—Celly Gillum


Bad Typo

Can some one clarify the October 2018 [cover headline] …

—Sharon Ileina


New Podcast Coming

Coming January 2019: The Balanced Dog Podcast. Come hang out with Koru K9 co-owner, Bridget, and Sr. Trainers, Samantha and Kareena, as we unleash the state of dog training.

—#TheBalancedDogPodcast #DogTraining

Corrections and Clarifications

The byline for the Family Dog Rescue ( item about volunteer Michael Burnside [“Shoutouts to Volunteers,” November] was written by Alison Van Nort, FDR’s volunteer coordinator. Additionally, the photograph on page 12 was of Esther Moncharsh, a volunteer at Humane Society Silicon Valley and provided courtesy HSSV. The photos of Wondercide products [Off the Shelf, “Bye, Bye Fleas and Ticks?” November] were provided by Wondercide.


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