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Praise for Canine Conditioning

Dianne Morey’s social media posts about her canine conditioning article “Getting Down to the Core” in April, which also featured photos of her awesome pack of pooches, got some good shout-outs.



So cool! I need a signed copy!

Carlin Starrs



Kasie Maxwell


Love the pic! Cutest dog gang ever!

Stacey Campbell


You are amazing

Billie Jean “Bj” Barkwell


Action Jackson

Just got the [April] issue of Bay Woof with my photo on the cover! The amazing cover model is Max, from a private shoot I had last year in Pacifica. He was an awesome action dog.

Josh Norem,
The Furrtographer


Awesome Pawesome

Thanks for the review ["Pretty Pawesome,” April], Bay Woof!

K9 Sport Sack


Bark Back!

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