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Muttville Fan

Thanks for including Muttville’s Bunny Rosenberg in this month’s issue. [“Fosters Find Forever Homes,” June.]

—Patty Stanton


Thanks, Bay Woof [“It All Started With a Cat,” May]. I’m excited, proud and honored. And the cover [May] was a lovely surprise! It’s looks awesome :-) Thank you.

—Tonya Perme


Thank you so much [“Sharing the Joy of Pets,” May].

—Barbara Brady-Smith Thank you so much.


The article [“Capturing the Light Within and Without,” May] looks pawesome. … Can’t wait to get my hands on an actual copy. I’m just like the next person: having it printed in my hands makes it somehow more “real.” I so appreciate being included!

—Anne Mary Schaefer


Good Behavior Great puppy training tips! [“Stacy Braslau-Schneck Offers 5 Puppy Priorities,” April]

—Furry Friends Rescue

SVPP Exposure

This [“Pup Plaza Debuts in San Jose,” Nose for News, May] is amazing; thank you. We are just thrilled about this. Thank you so much for helping us share the news about Pup Plaza and the work we are doing there. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support (and sorry for gushing). I’m happy that the photo worked out. It looks great with the article.

—Karen Zamel

Dog Socialization

New pups in our adoption program are typically followed by an avalanche of applications from well-meaning folks who indicate they intend to rely on dog parks for their dog’s socialization goals. Cue the educating. We wrote this article for Bay Woof two years ago, and the info holds true. Also available as a PDF for printing and sharing:


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