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Loved the Adopting Ruby Dawn Story

Love Story

A terrific story about adoption from #EmptyTheShelters featured in the January issue of Bay Woof [“Adopting Ruby Dawn: A Tale of Reluctant Love”]. Thanks to Bissell Pet Foundation and Cathy Bissell for making this possible.

Berkeley Humane


Treating Anxiety

Our very own Dr. Gadd talks about managing anxiety in dogs like Viggo, who was evacuated from a shelter during the summer Carr Fire to make room for lost animals to be reunited with their owners. Read more about Dr. Gadd’s and our nehavior and training teams’ approach to treating this extremely fearful dog in the January issue of Bay Woof  [Ask Dr. Dog, “It’s Possible to Manage Extreme Anxiety in Dogs.”]

East Bay SPCA


Feline Advice

If the felines in your multi-cat household can’t seem to keep their eyes on their own food dishes, these mealtime tips from the January issue of Bay Woof may help [Kitty Corner, “Tricks and Tips on Feeding in the Multi-Cat Household”].

Central Animal Hospital


Dental Health Care

It’s too bad it’s not affordable for the average pet owner [Ask Dr. Dog, “Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy Is an Uphill Battle,” December 2018].

Gerald Koons


We’re proud to offer a board-certified veterinary dentist among our other specialists, right here in the East Bay!

East Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency


News to Use

There are some interesting little news nuggets from Bay Woof [Nose for News, “Music and Movies for Dogs Are Things Now,” December 2018].

Silicon Valley Dogs


About Jumping

Throwback Thursday to an article I wrote two years ago for Bay Woof [Good Dog! “Claim Your Space to Stop Unwanted Jumping,” May 2018]. Look for a new article coming soon.

Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Stacy’s Wag’N’Train


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