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Lots of Letters About Not Picking Up the Poop

Pooped Out

If you had the foresight to bring a baggie with you, you can also figure out a way to carry it all the way to a trashcan [“Just Pick Up the Poop, People,” March]. There are plenty of commercial products designed to hold a poopy bag after you’ve filled it. I use a plastic disk with cuts in it that holds the knot of a filled bag, on my treatbag belt (and with some of my jackets, I stick it in a particular pocket that nothing else goes in). There are bags like Dicky, Bogg, PoopPot, and Pack-A-Poo that are designed to hold your filled poop bag, too. Thanks to Bay Woof for the article! —Stacy’s Wag’N’Train

Unbelievable.—Jill Teer

Unfortunately, doesn’t surprise me at all. I can’t believe the piles of dog poop and sometimes bags I see on front yards when walking my dog in the neighborhood. Gives good dog owners a bad name. It’s truly shitty behavior. —Lynette McInnes

A few bad apples spoiling the whole basket. —Peter Muller


Keep It Positive

Yes! [“Positive Training Works,” March] Awesome article by Sara Scott! It was disheartening to see so many aversive trainers advertised in Bay Woof, so I’m happy to see trainers like Sara Scott working to change the tide. —Choose Positive Design & Media


On Being a Dog

Oh, so true [“Let Dogs Be Dogs,” February]. Well-written article. —Teresa Gary


Talented Artist

Loving this story [“Isa Shows the Love,” February] in Bay Woof about Oakland artist, David Polka, whose mural now adorns the entrance of our shelter. —Oakland Animal Services



At the Ready

We’re not lying low in 2017. Thanks to San Francisco Dog Owners Group for writing this piece [“Dog Rules for GGRNA Delayed Indefinitely,” February], and many thanks to Bay Woof(ie) for your non-wavering support! —Save Off-Leash Dog Walking Areas in the SF Bay Area


Worried Not

Gotta Love dogs! [“Don’t Fear Anesthesia,” February] —Dean Clark


Bark Back!

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