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Ketogenics Skeptics

I’m very concerned about the article [“The Ketogenic Diet: Explaining Its Benefits for Dogs,” September] you’ve published regarding a keto diet for pets. There are a number of claims made in the article with no cited sources to back them up. What research has been done on the effects of this diet on canines? What is the background of the author? Are they a veterinarian or canine nutrition researcher? I feel this is a very irresponsible article to publish, especially without any sort of note that these claims have not been verified or that any significant change to a pet’s diet should be consulted/monitored by their veterinarian.

Laura Jean


Really? Hop on the latest fad Keto Diet? For dogs? Not.

Cj Thatcher

Muttville Thanks

Thank you, Bay Woof, and thank you to our loyal senior dog supporters who voted for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue [“Beast of the Bay 2019,” August]. We are so honored, and the mutts are howling with joy and gratitude!

You voted and we won! Muttville has been awarded Best Rescue seven times since The Beast of the Bay Awards began in 2009. We are so blessed, thank you!!!

This year’s wins included Best Online Adoption Site, Best Shelter & Rescue, Best Humane Organization or Shelter — San Francisco, and Best Canine Cause.

—Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

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