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Great Job, Hayward

Great article about Hayward Animal Shelter volunteers [“Dedication Runs Deep at Hayward Animal Shelter,” October]. They are one of the best hard-working city shelters that truly care for their shelter animals.

So happy to see this article to help inform the public. A city shelter has to take in all animals and deal with the toughest issues. The public often does not understand the difference between a city shelter and private shelter/SPCA/HS (which select their transfers/intake). We have seen it all helping them and working with them. They truly work on keeping dogs/cats as long as they can, screen well for safety, and finding help for their long-term animals.

We have donated supplies, assisted, taken photos, and rescues from Hayward Shelter since 1998. Rescue groups like us have to help them when they are overcrowded by taking in animals with behavior issues, moms and pups/kittens, under-age pups/kittens/bottle babies, medically needy animals, and emergency boarding/training cases.

Also, thanks for featuring us in Shelter Zone [“Miracle Club Cares for Animals With Special Needs,” September]! We focused on Liam, a Miracle Club dog with special needs,  one of thousands of special medical needy-animals we rescue in when they are out of options.

—Furry Friends Rescue


How We Love Them

They are the best gift we get [“The Story of Red the Dog,” October].

—Celly Gillum


Head Bust

I see you fixed the typo on your cover [October]. It’s a keeper!

—Debra Goldentyer



The cover headline should have said  “Second Dog Syndrome.” Ruth Villasenor. provided the  TOC photo . We used “Meet” for “Meat” in the letters. Rocket Dog founder/president Pali Boucher wrote the  Shelter Zone article. All errors are corrected online.


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