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BAD RAP Reminder

Reposting [“Good Samaritans Are Our Community’s Unsung Heroes,” July 2017] as a reminder that the world is full of (mostly) good. Thanks again to Bay Woof for helping to highlight the unsung heroes among us.


Quiz Meister

Where are the answers to Carl T. Hall’s quiz [“Quiz Time Again] from the December 2019 edition?

Mary Beth Ray

Ed. Note: We didn’t publish them but the answers are 1. c, 2. c, 3. a, 4. d, 5. d, 6. c

Urban Mushing

Interested in urban dog mushing? This is best dog exercise rig — Dog Powered Scooter  — ever and makes urban mushing easy, safe, and practical. Check out these new dog-powered rigs. They offer precision steering control and excellent dog control via the two-point clip-in. The dog can only go forward and can’t turn their shoulders enough to apply a side load. Mainly for the runners/pullers, but the rider can help or do all the work at anytime. Not the only way to exercise the dog, only one great way.