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Catscapes Founder Likes Article

Kitty Playthings

The article [“Cat’s Love 3-D Playgrounds at Home,” March] is beautiful. I finally saw it for the first time, both in print and online. Thank you so much. I’m also posting it as an update on our Kickstarter page, which will bring national and even international attention to Bay Woof. Perhaps not in giant numbers at first, but it’s not gonna hurt.

—Aaron Feldman, Catscapes


Fostering Works

Did you catch our recent article [“Fostering Really Does Save Lives,” March] in Bay Woof all about how fostering saved the lives of Annie and her puppies? Check it out to read Annie’s story and learn more about how you can help us save the lives of animals just like Annie.

Humane Society Silicon Valley


Happy Camper

Thank you [“The Bamboo Boom Goes to the Dogs,” March], Bay Woof.



Good Disaster Prep Info

I edit the e-newsletter for the Friends of SFACC, and I think your article “Are You and Your Pets Prepared for Disaster?” by Shari B. O’Neill in February would be a timely feature for our newsletter, especially with the upcoming plans for a new seismically safe SFACC building. Thank you for including SFACC in Bay Woof, which is terrific. I love every issue!

—Lisa Stanziano


Come, Fido!

Very happy to see my article [“Tips for Spot-on Recall,” March] on teaching your dog to come when called featured in this month’s Bay Woof magazine. Let me know how it helps.

— Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Stacy’s Wag’N’Train


Fan Mail

Great magazine. Love the title! [“Put Your Dog First,” March cover]

—Susan E. Olney


Survey Help

I am conducting research to learn more about dog owners, their relationship with their dog(s), and to gather their thoughts and opinions. I would really appreciate it if you could share this survey:

—Morea Pollet  


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