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Wondercide Uses Cedar Oil to Repel Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks seem to be worse than usual as of late, so Bay Woof happily received Wondercide Natural Products as a way to combat these pesky insects.

Now, I dislike chemical pesticides as much as the next person, and I have reservations about oral flea medicines for my pets, though they do seem to be very effective. I can still remember when Frontline and Advantage, the topical flea treatment products, debuted and were the thing.

Wondercide’s active ingredient is cedar oil, which is supposed to suffocate the bugs, repel the fleas and ticks, and get rid of their eggs and larvae. The scientific explanation is that the cedar oil blocks octopamine, which the bugs need to live. These products do not use pyrethins found in so many repellants.

All-natural Wondercide is USA-made in Austin, Texas, and can be used on people, pets, and property. Bay Woof’s Parent Pak ($39.99) included a 4-ounce Rosemary Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home (recommended for cats), one 16-ounce Lemongrass Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home, and one 8-ounce Skin Tonic Spray for Itch + Allergy.

It’s easy to use. Just shake, rub the animal’s coat the wrong direction, and apply. So how’d we like the products?

The lemongrass was simply too pungently fragrant for test dog Wiley, who spent all day rubbing everything to cover up or to get rid of the scent, which frankly smelled like citronella for the most part. By evening, she was still doing summersaults and rolling in the grass to hide the effects of the aromatherapeutic spray. A skittish youngster, she did not like it at all and squirmed during application, which meant she was not 100 percent covered — and possibly explains why she was still scratching a flea (or two) a day or so later. Memphis, the Pomeranian, and the cats, Jack and Katniss, put up no resistance and appeared flea-free. The rosemary scent proved more tolerable for the entire family, humans and pets included but only slightly. Wiley skinned or scraped her nose, so we tried the skin tonic spray on it, but she resisted and objected vehemently to the application.

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