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Traditional Herbal Medicine for Pets from Healthy Paws Herbals

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When Wiley first came home to us, having her tail tucked was position normal a lot of the time. A youngish, abandoned Oakland street dog, she was scared of almost everything. Leaving her unattended in her crate was not possible — she shredded beds and blankets and destroyed the plush toys inside quickly.

So Bay Woof welcomed an opportunity from Healthy Paws Herbals to try a traditional Chinese medicine extract — the Calming formula — for pets who suffer from anxiety, compulsive behavior, hyperactivity, seizure, or hypertension. We used a 1-ounce bottle ($15.99) over a couple of weeks, putting the recommend dosage of drops on Wiley’s food as suggested, which was very easy and convenient. The taste didn’t phase her a bit, a good sign. The names of the ingredients are unfamiliar to me but listed on the bottles and online. Wiley is much more relaxed, and perhaps that is because the formula worked, but we couldn’t tell a discernible difference. Wiley adjusted to kennel confinement fine when we learned the art of Kongs and Kong stuffing, and the herbal remedy could have helped her relax sooner.

Wiley has picked up a flea or two in the few months we’ve had her, so she sometimes scratches or licks herself. I’ve groomed her with a flea comb regularly to get those pesky buggers, and she has been bathed her until we can decide the best pest protocol for our animals. I have noticed that Wiley sometimes has dry, flaky patches that seem to irritate her, so I have been trying out another Natural Paws Herbals product, the Allergy and Itch formula (1 ounce, $15.99). Wiley is a chow-hound, so the flavor doesn’t bother her. Has it made a difference? Hard to honestly say, but the herbal medicine doesn’t hurt her, and we’re still using it, thinking it can only help with allergies and itchiness.

Herbal Paws has a third product, too, the Pain: Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic formula (1 ounce, $15.99), which at the moment we haven’t had reason to try, but it’s promoted as being helpful for arthritis and acute pain. If Wiley slows down or sees too much action at the dog park, we’ll have it handy, just in case.

The person behind the product is Kyle Burton, an herbalist and acupuncturist in West Hollywood and Los Angeles who undertook training for traditional herbal treatment for animals. He believes in integrative medicine and works collaboratively with allopathic doctors. Learn more at

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