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Turkey Meatballs Save the Day

When George Clooney wanted to adopt a Cocker Spaniel named Einstein in 2010, he was worried the dog wouldn’t like him. So before their first meeting, he rubbed turkey meatballs on his shoes.

The Elo is an emerging breed of dog, with development beginning in 1987 in Germany. Marita and Heinz Szobries began crossing the Eurasier with Old English Sheepdogs. Due to a lack of Eurasiers, they began to use Chow-Chows, Samoyeds, and Dalmatians as well. The dog is being bred for behavior rather than appearance.

When dogs shake off water to dry, they’re saving energy, because if they relied on water evaporation, it would take more energy in the form of body heat. According to researchers at Georgia Tech, dogs can shake 70 percent of the water from their fur in four seconds.

According to Biology Letters, when farmers from the Near East spread to Europe and Asia, they brought their dogs, and those breeds eventually replaced the native dogs.

Researchers at Emory say the best way to teach dogs new words is to combine visual and smell cues, rather than reply on words alone.

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