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Toto’s Wages

Terry the Cairn Terrier, who starred as Toto in The Wizard of Oz, was paid $1,250 a week, while the Munchkin actors only received $50 a week each.

In 1877, Newfoundland became the first country to issue a postage stamp featuring a dog. The breed was, no surprise, a Newfoundland.

Jojo and Toto were two largestandard Poodles that entertained Paris crowds at the Nouveau Cirque in the 1890s. Each of their tails sported six pompoms, and their act included dancing, a fire rescue vignette, and a battle re-enactment in which red-coated Poodles defended a fort against green-coated poodles.

Legend has it thata phantom black dog known as apadfoot haunts the Staffordshire moorlands, although there have been sightings throughout the United Kingdom. The padfoot seems to appear near burial grounds and scenes of violent deaths and executions.

In 1950s comic books, Batman had a German Shepherd named Ace. Like his master, he wore a mask.

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