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The Origins of a Certain Beagle

Hang On, Snoopy

Charles M. Schulz was originally going to call his star dog character “Sniffy,” but changed it to Snoopy, after he learned Sniffy was a character in another comic strip. The idea for Snoopy’s name came from Schulz’s mom and derived from “Snuppa,” an affectionate term in Norwegian.

According to a 2014 brain-scanning study in Current Biology, dogs show more brain activity in response to positive voice tones than negative ones.


Cyndi Lauper used to work in a dog kennel, but she preferred her job at the dog pound, because those dogs were more loving and appreciative, according to her memoir.


A greyhound can lose as much as five pounds in a single race.


A 2010 survey by the American Kennel Club indicated that 91 percent of people include their dog in the family holiday card.


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