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Pralines Forever

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) composed “Der Schlaue Und Dienstfertige Pudel” (“The Clever and Zealous Poodle”) about 1780. The piece tells the story of two friends who go for a walk in the woods with a poodle that eventually finds his master’s lost coin. One of the lyrics says the poodle is so smart that he deserves to be fed pralines for his whole life.

At one point, Labrador Retrievers were called a St. John’s dogs and lesser Newfoundland dogs.

Elton John’s cocker spaniel, Arthur, served as “best dog/man” at Sir Elton’s 2005 wedding to David Furnish.

In 1991, Gibraltar became the first British territory to mint coins that sport a dog. The first coin in the series features a corgi, the breed favored by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Food and Drug Administration and some veterinarians warn that serving dogs grain-free foods can lead to a heart condition called DCM.

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