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One Lucky Dog

Ronald and Nancy Reagan named their Bouvier des Flanders Lucky, after Nancy’s mom, Edith Luckett Davis.

Charles Darwin thought when dogs licked him, this was a “striking way of exhibiting their affections.” Wild canines lick the face of their mother when she returns from a hunt to help her regurgitate up some food for them. Dogs also like the taste of our mouths. Dogs and wolves also muzzle-lick to welcome another back home.

According to author Alexandra Horowitz, cairn terriers are more closely related genetically to hounds than to other terriers.

According to author and veterinarian Bonnie Beaver, dogs secrete pheromones from their ears, lips, private parts, between their toes, and in female dogs that are lactating, their chests. They are picked up by a dog’s vomeronasal organ.

A budget being proposed by the California Assembly would provide California Highway Patrol police dogs with a $2,000 retirement plan to help pay for their medical costs.

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