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Mr. Smarty Pants, March 2016

El Niño rain is leading to more mushroom growth. Be mindful if your dog is outside, because many mushrooms are poisonous. Consult

In his 1686 book The Gentleman’s Recreation in Four Parts, Nicholas Cox included a chapter called “Some General Names of Hounds and Beagles” for suggested dog names. It includes such names as Drunkard, Jollyboy, and Spanker. The book is available for free online at

On Nov. 28, 1984, Elizabeth Dole surprised her husband, Robert, with a Schnauzer puppy at press conference. He named the dog Leader.

The latest strain of dog flu, H3N2, has spread to 25 states. Seek medical advice if your dog is coughing, sneezing, has anorexia, fever, malaise, and, in some cases, red or runny eyes and runny nose.

A recent University of Helsinki study revealed dogs pay attention to our facial expressions and can tell when we are pleased with them or angry with them.

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