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Mr. Smarty Pants, July 2015

Dash (1830–1840) was a King Charles spaniel owned by Queen Victoria and first in a long line of beloved dogs.

The late Anna Nicole Smith had a pet miniature poodle named Sugar Pie. In a 2010 auction of her estate items, some of Sugar Pie’s possessions went for sale including a wrought-iron bed with pink faux fur upholstery and a feather-decorated canopy top for $256.00.

Dogs’ oxytocin levels rise (sign of affection) when they gaze at humans with what looks like a loving gaze.

The Tardenoisians were probably the first to bring dogs to Great Britain, possibly from North Africa by way of northern France and Belgium. They lived in the Mesolithic period (also called Middle Stone Age), which began with the end of the last glacial period over 10,000 years ago. Archaeological digs suggest the dogs ate primarily marine food.

Wolves raised around humans will, like dogs, look in the direction a person is pointing.

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