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Lucy Is the World’s Smallest Working Dog

Lucy, a mini Yorkshire terrier in New Jersey, is the world’s smallest working dog, according to Guinness World Records. She works as a therapy dog through the Leashes of Love program.

Mutts have the advantage as far as avoiding genetic mutations.

Wally Conron is credited with breeding the first Labradoodle, crossing a Labrador with a poodle in the ’80s. Originally, he was fulfilling a request from a couple who needed a pooch that would serve as a guide dog for a blind woman but also be hypoallergenic for her husband.

Singer Miranda Lambert founded Mutt Foundation with her mom. Currently she has eight dogs all of whom were found abandoned.

Researchers at the Clever Dog Lab in Vienna think old dogs can learn new tricks by playing “brain games” to keep their minds sharp. They’re calling it “dog Sudoku,” though it’s not a numbers game. Dogs work with touchscreens and begin to associate an image with a food reward.

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