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Hachiko Remained Forever Loyal

Hachikō (1923-1935) was an Akita who is remembered across Japan for his remarkable loyalty to his owner. Ueno Hidesaburō was an agriculture professor, and Hachikō would wait every day for him at the Shibuya train station. One day, his owner died during a lecture. Still Hachikō returned to the station for over nine years. A bronze statue in his likeness was erected at the station.


According to, the best dog breed for introverts is the Labrador retriever. Because it’s social and loves people, having it around may make social interactions easier. At the same time, many are gentle and calming, love time with their owners, and are intensely cuddly, so quiet time at home will make your Labrador happy.


The silky terrier was created toward the end of the 19th-century as a cross between the Yorkshire and Australian terriers.


Lump was a Dachshund who lived with Pablo Picasso for six years and was featured in several of his works. He was named after the German word for rascal.


Snail and slug bait products, as well as some solid camping fuels, may taste sweet to pets, but usually contain the poison metaldehyde, which if ingested could be fatal to dogs.


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