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Dogs Stop Rhino Poachers, and more

According to NPR, canine units in South African national parks now help with 80 percent of rhino poacher arrests and are more effective than high-tech methods.

Wallace the Fire Dog adopted the Glasgow, Scotland, fire station in 1894 and served there until his death in 1902. He was the subject of a series of children’s books by James Drummond in the 1990s. After his passing, he was embalmed and remains on display at the city’s Central Fire Station, along with his custom firefighter boots.

According to the CDC, dogs from Norway, unless they’re from Svalbard (Spitsbergen), are considered rabies-free and can be imported into the United States without a CDC rabies-vaccination requirement.

According to dog trainer Sarah Bartlett, patting a dog on its head may be considered threatening depending on how you do it. She says dogs don’t like humans going over their head. The best thing is to approach them from the side and then go downward.

According to Embrace Pet Insurance, it’s not a good idea to leave puppies unattended for long periods of time; otherwise, they’re more likely to have accidents or chew up things.

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