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An Arrow Retriever

The Barbet is a French breed of dog that is thought to be the forerunner of poodles, Irish water spaniels, and otterhounds. Not only a waterfowl retriever, it can be taught to retrieve arrows of hunters who missed. The breed name comes from the French word barbe, which means “beard.”

Miniature dachshunds are also known as Zwergdackel.

A Saluki’s inner toes are longer than its outer toes.

According to Roger Daltrey of The Who, his favorite song by the band was its 1971 recoding of “Behind Blue Eyes.” The day the song was recorded, Daltrey’s dog was run over and killed by a car. It was the first dog he ever had and according to an interview he did for AARP The Magazine, as he sung it, he was desperately trying to hold it together.

Molosser is a category of solidly built large dog breeds that share a common ancestor from Epirus, a part of southeastern Europe now shared by Greece and Albania.

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