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A Lannister Who Paid His Debt

Peter Dinklage (the enigmatic and lovable Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones) has a black and white senior rescue dog named Kevin.

According to, if you try to get your dog to watch TV, the refresh-rate on traditional TVs is about 60 Hz, which is about the flicker-fusion frequency of humans. However, dogs see at about 80 Hz, so a program on such a TV would appear as rapid-fire still images to them. Modern TVs solve the problem.

Do dogs have feelings? Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at Emory University, thinks he has proved that they do. According to National Geographic, he trained dogs to go inside an MRI scanner, then measured their responses to different stimuli.

When Weimaraners were first shipped abroad, they were sterilized first in hopes they wouldn’t be bred outside Germany.

Boise State has a dog named Cowboy Kohl that retrieves football tees after every kickoff. They’ve had a tee-retrieving dog on and off since the early- to mid-’90s.

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