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A Flattered Seth Rogen

People on social media think Seth Rogen looks like Nori Porkchop, a toy Australian shepherd and toy poodle mix from Seattle — and the actor says he couldn’t be more flattered.

A recent study by Stockholm University researchers found that some wolf puppies may have a natural instinct for a throw-and-fetch game. During a series of tests, three 8-week-old wolf puppies spontaneously showed interest in a ball and returned it to a perfect stranger upon encouragement.

Coyotes are now being spotted in New York City’s Central Park.

The American Kennel Club suggests that when owners want their dogs to meet for the first time to try walking the dogs in parallel but not close enough to touch and interact. Then during the walk, owners can gradually let the dogs walk closer to each other where they can meet each other sideways.

The Trust for Public Land found that there has been a 40 percent increase in the development of dog parks since 2009.

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