Good Dog! A Guide to Past Training Articles

This issue of Bay Woof is especially focused on the subject of dog training, though we’ve certainly never neglected training in past issues. For almost six years now, local trainers have provided Bay Woof readers with advice on nearly every aspect of dog behavior in a monthly column called Good Dog! Here is a list of those past columns, including titles and authors’ names. Peruse away. When a topic of special interest to you pops up, type the title into the search box at to read all about it!


March, Launch Issue: Crate Expectations, Mary Giuffrida
April: Curing Vet Phobia, Sasha Futran
May: Learning Your Dog’s Body Language, Judy Bowman
June: Raising a Canine Star, Beverly Ulbrich
July: Barking Basics, Sandi Thompson
August: The ABCs of Agility, Sandy Rogers
October: Educating Bowser, Sarah Richardson
September: Do You Have a Diggity Dog? Kate S. Knight
November: Clicker Training 101, Stacy Braslau-Schneck
December: Seasonal Safety, Kelly Helsing


January/February: There’s Hope for Fearful Dogs, Paul Klein
March: No Chew! Julie Bjelland Lokhandwala
April: Conformation Is for Everyone, Vicki Ronchette
May: Managing Dog Aggression, Dawna Caldwell
June: Hey, Rex, Get a Job! Gail Chadbourne
July: Dealing with Possessive Dogs, Nancy Frensley
August: Two Dog Training “Camps,” Beverly Ulbrich
September: A Day in the Life of a Volunteer Trainer, Linda Chwistek
October: Intuitive Training Basics, Marta Williams
November: House Training 101, Nancy Weller
December: Season’s Greetings, Jennifer Joyce


January/February: New Year’s Reflections, Paul Klein
March: Instantaneous Recalls, Toni Lee Hage
April Learning from Pit Bulls, Sara Scott
May: Doggie Zen, Stacy Braslau-Schneck
June: Your Dog is Your Mirror, Kevin Mendez
July: Every Dog Brings a Gift, Bonnie Brown-Cali
August: Your Dog Is your Best Workout Partner, Lindzi Oliver
September: Attention, Please! Dianne Panarella
October: Of Love and Leadership, Marthina McClay
November: How to Raise a Dog, Beverly Ulbrich
December: Handling Your Reactive Rover, Kim Moeller


January/February: The Doors, Chad Culp
March: Dogs on the Run, Jaime Niedermeier
April: Fear Factor, Lilly Pritchard
May: Pleased to Meet You, Marthina McClay
June: The Training-Ready Dog, Courtney Gunter
July: New Puppy Pointers, Aishe Berger
August: Teaching Your Dog to Play Soccer, Bonnie Brown-Cali
October: The Power of Short Sessions, Chad Culp
November: How to Overcome Resource Guarding, Marissa Martino
December: Practical Tips for Training the Recall, Sandra Rogers


January: Dog-Aggressive or Leash Reactive? Marthina McClay
March: Training City Dogs, Joustin Cordary
April: Of Cars and Canines, Chad Culp
May: Temperament Problems and How to Prevent Them, Ian Dunbar
June: You Always Know What I Need, Corinne Dowling
July: What Drives Your Dog? Susan Raymond
September: Peace at the Fence, Marthina McClay
October: Pack Walks = Pack Training, Glenn McTaggart
December: If These Paws Could Talk, Lilly Pritchard


January: Stations Everyone! Stacy Braslau-Schneck
February: On the Leash and Over the Top, Lisa Gunter
March: The Dog Crate – Not Just for House Training, Nancy Frensley
April: Evaluating Your Dog’s Play Skills, Emily Burlingame
May: Rehabilitating Cooper, Krista Maloney
June: Pros and Cons of Traveling with Your Pet, Dawn Kovell
July: Training Search-and-Rescue Dogs, Kathryn Stewart
August: “Will Work for Food,” Kelley Filson
September: Always End on a High Note, Chad Culp
October: Observing Canine Body Language, Marissa Martino
November: “E” Is for Enrichment, Kim Moeller
December: 7 Tips for a Happy Holiday Season, Joustin Cordary

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