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Volunteer Tribute to Dolan Beard

Dolan Beard joined the volunteer staff of Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary about 20 months ago. How did we ever get along without him? There is nothing this man cannot do. And, if by chance there is something he cannot manage, he knows someone who can!

Beard not only brings fun to the daily chores, he also inspires everyone with whom he works. When a fence needed painting, he got a business to donate the paint, and he brought the helpers to get the job finished.

When Lily’s adopted feral cats for mouse patrol, he not only got the supplies for the cattery provided, but he also supplied the helpers to build it.

Beard rides the tractor around the 5 acres keeping it weed- and foxtail-free. He is never too important to scoop poop or wash bedding. Beard always has a smile on his face and a positive word in his heart.

This past summer, he started and led a teen group. He taught the kids the value of doing a good day’s work, how to treat animals with kindness, and how to help a fellow volunteer.

Beard does dump runs, hauls garbage, walks dogs, fills bones, cleans kennels, and never loses his smile. He is an inspiration to all Lily’s volunteers and a pleasure to be around. Every rescue needs a Dolan Beard.

Genie Castro is the volunteer coordinator for Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary in Petaluma.


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Main article photo by: Courtesy LIly's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary