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Two Not-So-Doggy Products

Off the Shelf

For Lips

This month Bay Woof is looking at two products geared for humans, not dogs.

First up is the LippyClip, a sturdy and stylish lip balm holder — “the original lip balm holder”— with a beefy clip that attaches to leashes, backpacks, purses, diaper bags, etc. It puts your lip balm within immediate and easy reach.

Bay Woof’s sample pack included four colorful LippyClip ($9.99) examples featuring dogs wearing hats and crowns; cats and fish spine outlines; cute cat heads galore; and a deep mauve-and-blue floral print. Good thing we didn’t have to choose, because they’re all so cute. And functional, too.

The LippyClip founder is Amy Gabriel, a seamstress from way back. She started making the LippyClip to generate family income in 2013. She now has a team of women working from their homes who cut the elastic and sew the seams for LippyClip, which also makes wristlet keychains, including a handful that match the original LippyClip.

I’ve been using the LippyClip on purses and my work satchel rather than on test dog Wiley’s leash, because she usually wears nylon leashes that don’t lend themselves to such an attachment. Wiley’s go-to office leash would be perfect, as it has a brass ring at the handle, but I can’t seem to remember to search for a fourth tube of lip balm at home and bring it with me to work to try. Another option is to attach the LippyClip directly to my key ring, which consists of a huge unmanageable wad on a carabiner, so no thanks. Learn more at


For Cleaning

Next up is the Teal Trunk Silicone Scrubber ($7.98). It was pitched as a way to get excess dirt off dogs, but Wiley hasn’t been a good candidate for it, as she hasn’t gotten caked in mud — yet.

 Bay Woof received two two-packs. The scrubbers are pliable, rather soft, and come crafted in pleasing colors. You can fit three fingers behind the diagonal strap across the patterned back to easily manipulate it, and it holds soap well. I’ve found it is a swell sponge substitute for the office sink for scrubbing dishes, and I keep one at home near the kitchen sink for the same purpose. I also have one hanging from bailing twine outside my horse’s stall, and it’s a great tool for cleaning out his food bowls and buckets. Maybe it could double as brush to flake off dried-on pigeon droppings, like the curry comb I usually use.

These scrubbers air-dry, don’t stink, and supposedly don’t harbor bacteria. I’ve been using them for a couple of months and they hold up well. Learn more at

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Main article photo by: Photos courtesy LippyClip and Teal Trunk.