The Top 12 iPhone Apps for Dog People

I know you love your smart phone, but is it set up to help you with all your canine needs? As you probably know, there are loads of practical and fun iPhone apps created for dog owners. When Woof Report last explored the app store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it offered 30,000, which sounded like a lot – and now there are more than 300,000!

Below are some of my favorite apps for dog owners. Download them to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to find dog-friendly locales, off-leash parks, first aid tips, and lots more handy info; many apps are free or cost just 99 cents each. 


Best of 101 Dog Tricks 

Teach your old or young dog a few new tricks with the Best of 101 Dog Tricks app. The app includes eight tricks from Kyra Sundance’s best-selling book, 101 Dog Tricks, and teaching your dog the tricks is a snap with video, photos, and step-by-step instructions. $.99  


Dog Park Finder 

Near home or on the go, the Dog Park Finder app powered by has you covered with listings of 2,400+ dog parks. Using your phone’s GPS, it finds the nearest park, and includes photos, user reviews, and useful details, e.g. if it’s fenced and has a small dog area, as well as the hours and days of operation. FREE



Locate all the dog-friendly spots in your area with the FidoFactor app –  dog parks, pet stores, and dog-friendly restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Not only will you find directions, open hours, and contact information in its growing user-generated database, you’ll find real-people reviews. FREE



Download the iKnowDogs app and become an absolute expert on dog breeds. This detailed reference guide includes over 1,200 photos and facts about AKC-recognized dog breeds, and lets you identify dogs by appearance, temperament, purpose (herding, sporting, etc.), and country of origin. $3.99 



Now you can always get your dog’s attention, thanks to the iSqueek app, a virtual squeak-toy that reacts realistically to your touch. Press on any of the 18 toys, each with its own sound, to create long or short sound bursts. Be sure to have plenty of praise or a treat for your dog ready to make up for the fact that he doesn’t actually receive a squeaky toy when he responds! $1.99


MixItUp with

Take a gamble on the MixItUp with app that allows you to seamlessly insert your dog (or cat, or significant other) into three famous paintings from the classic 1903 Brown & Bigelow “Dogs Playing Poker” calendar. The best part, a percentage of the proceeds from each download is donated to $.99  


Paw Card 

With the Paw Card app, create an unlimited number of profiles for your dogs, cats, and other pets to keep track of their vital information and always have it with you. Record your pet’s ID tag numbers and vet contacts and track your pet’s medications, medical and vaccination history, and more. You can even email your pet’s Paw Card to your dog walker, pet sitter, or vet. FREE


Pet Acoustics

With the Pet Acoustics app, you’ll get music specifically designed for the hearing sensitivities of your pet in terms of frequency, volume, and rhythm. Use it to calm and soothe your pet for rest time, car travel, veterinary visits, and other potentially stressful moments. $1.99



Search pets by breed, age, gender, and size from 13,000 shelters and rescue groups around the country with the Petfinder app. It’s just what you need when someone tells you they’d like to buy a puppy (nooooooo!), or if you’re looking for a new family member. Bookmark your favorite pet profiles and share them with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. FREE


Pet First Aid 

Be prepared with the Pet First Aid app and you’ll have instant access to clear, concise advice for common pet emergencies. With detailed articles, videos, and illustrations, you’ll know exactly how to care for your dog when illness or injury strikes. Learn how to handle bites and stings, bandaging, burns, bleeding, fractures, poisoning, and much more. $3.99  


Pet Services Finder 

Find all the services for your pet’s needs at home or on the road. The Pet Services Finder helps you locate the nearest veterinarians, emergency clinics, doggie daycare facilities, dog sitters and walkers, dog groomers, and more when in unfamiliar territory. Once the results appear, it’s your choice: click to call, get directions, or read and post reviews. FREE  



Pictures of your dog on your phone are a must, and the PetSnap app improves your odds of taking a great shot by offering 32 different sounds to instantly get your dog’s attention. Perfect for getting him or her to look right into the camera. $1.99

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