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Tools to Help Deshedding in Summer

Off the Shelf

This time of year, when it’s sunny and hot, SF Bay Area dogs likely could use a little help getting rid of itchy undercoats. Sure, baths and trims can eliminate some of the fuzz, but sometimes a good deshedder needs to be added to the mix. Luckily, two recently made their way to Bay Woof.


Andis Fine-Tooth Deshedding Rake

The name practically says it all: this is essentially a FURminator-type gadget with less pull, and it is a good tool to add to your go-to dog-grooming kit. The handle is ergonomic and therefore easy to hold and doesn’t slip, and the stainless-steel fine teeth purportedly remove more hair. It worked best on sleeker-coated dogs (a Rhodesian ridgeback and Lab-pit mix) and doesn’t pull much, though a dog with super-sensitivity issues might protest a little. This implement can work wonders between professional grooming sessions and may help you locate pesky fleas or worse, those icky ticks so prevalent this year. Andis is a big name in hair clippers and trimmers as well as equine and livestock clippers, trimmers, and accessories. The Andis Fine-Tooth Deshedding Rake sells for $34.95. Learn more at

Andis_Fine-Tooth Deshedding Rake

Bump It Off

This two-sided deshedding gadget called Bump It Off is a reusable, washable silicone sleeve that fits over your hand and comes in two-pack and retails for $19.99. Brightly colored green, orange, blue, and purple, the BIO doesn’t pull but rather “magically” lifts off hair from your pet. It is lightweight and fits snugly over fingers, adding a stabilizing deshedding device to the palm of your hand. It also worked most efficiently on smoother-coated animals. One side contains extremely fine bristles, while the opposite side is nubby. You can, by the way, use it like a lint brush, too, cleaning up that soft undercoat of fluff that has been marring the throw pillows and that lightweight fleece jacket that looks like a woolly mammoth pelt. Marketed by “The Goddess of Gadgets,” the BIO has many other uses, from lifting stains in the laundry room and scrubbing pots and pans in the kitchen to exfoliating skin in the shower. Find out more at


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Main article photo by: Courtesy of Bump It Off and Andis