The Sporting Dog


The greater Bay Area is paradise for dog athletes, their human handlers, and all breeds of spectator.

Every kind of canine competition thrives here, from agility to disc dog to herding and beyond, and just about every summer weekend you can catch a tournament or practice session (maybe two!) somewhere close to home. Consult the schedule below, then go out and play!


Summer Sports Calendar


 June 21-22
Event: AKC Agility Trial
Location: Western Agility Group (WAG), 10925 Bruceville Rd., Elk Grove
Sponsored by:  Golden Gate PW Corgi Fanciers
Contact: Lisa Halop,

July 4-5
Event: USDAA Trial
Location: Twin Creeks Sports Complex, 969 E. Caribbean Dr., Sunnyvale 
Sponsored by: The Bay Team
Contact: Karey Krauter,

July 19-20
Event: CPE Agility Trial
Location: Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds, Petaluma
Sponsored by: The Bay Team
Contact: David Connet,

August 2-3
Event: CPE Agility Trial
Location: Western Agility Group (WAG), 10925 Bruceville Rd., Elk Grove
Sponsored by: WAG, Inc.
Contact: Susan Rappillus,

August 23
Event: Agility Fun Day
Location: Western Agility Group (WAG), 10925 Bruceville Rd., Elk Grove
Sponsored by: Sacramento Dog Training Club
Contact: Penny Larson,


Canine Disc

July 13
Event: Canine Disc Competition
Location: Greer Park, 1098 Amarillo Ave., Palo Alto
Sponsored by: DiscDogs of the Golden Gate
Contact: Steve Teer,

August 9
Event: Canine Disc Competition
Location: Nordvik Park, 5850 Commerce Dr., Fremont
Sponsored by: DiscDogs of the Golden Gate
Contact: Steve Teer,


Dock Jumping

June 28-29
Event: “Rock the Dock” Dock Jumping Challenge
Location: Pittsburg Marina Park, Pittsburg
Sponsored by: Bay Area Diving Dogs and Splash Dogs
More info: 

July 9-13
Event: Dock Jumping Competition
Location: Solano County Fairgrounds, Vallejo
Sponsored by: Splash Dogs
More info:

July 22-27
Event: Dock Jumping Competition 
Location: Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa
Sponsored by: Splash Dogs
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June 21-22
Event: “Dog e-Races” Flyball Tournament
Location: Evergreen Valley College, 3095 Yerba Buena Rd., San Jose
Sponsored by: Pawdemonium Flyball Club
Contact: Susan Pease,

August 9-10
Event: “Racing Above the Bay” Flyball Tournament
Location: Cal State East Bay Campus, Hayward
Sponsored by: Bay Racers Flyball Club (
Contact: Dawn Painter,

September 6-7
Event: Fully Loaded Flyball Tournament
Location: Mare Island Sports Complex, Vallejo
Sponsored by: Fully Loaded Flyball Team and Gold Coast Flyers
Contact: Ida Griffin,



July 12-13
Event: Willowside Ranch Stockdog Trial
Location: Willowside Ranch, 2400 Stage Road, Pescadero
Sponsored by: The Northern California Working Sheepdog Assn.
More info:

August 30-31
Event: NCWSA Scottish Games Stockdog Trial
Location: Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton 
Sponsored by: The Northern California Working Sheepdog Assn.
More info:


Canine Sports is a Family Affair

My family, including the people and the dogs, will partake of all of the local flyball tournaments this year, as well as most of the dock jumping events. It’s going to be a great season!

I have two daughters, 9 and 17, and four dogs who compete in flyball and dock jumping. Dog sports is part of our family time together. The girls take part in the training of each dog, and therefore play a role in each dog’s success. It’s not only about how Mom trains, but about how we train as a family. They have both been around dogs since they were born. 

My daughter Amanda has been handling our Staffy-Bull Terrier Twiztid in dock jumping since 2006, when she was just seven years old. She’s a pitbull advocate and always takes time to help educate anyone who will listen. Ally, my 17-year-old. competes with our dog Gunner in flyball. Ally and Gunner frequently lead their flyball team in the start position, where Gunner excels due to his speed and endurance. Ally is currently training her Border-Jack Vandal in flyball. Vandal and Ally also compete in dock jumping.

– Ursula Kinley


Nap Works and Competes Hard

The story starts out as many do, my wife and I living in a suburban home with one rescue Border Collie.  She was born deaf (we use American Sign Language with her), and after we had her a while we decided she needed a companion. Consequently, we got another rescue Border Collie, and for fun I took him to an instinct test. I was hooked immediately. Fast forward to the present: we live on 5 acres with 18 sheep and 8 working Border Collies.

In the early days of competing in herding trials with my dogs, I made a bookful of mistakes and I learned a heck of a lot. In the summer of 2002, my trainer told me of a dog for sale whose owner had been involved in Border Collie trials for over 30 years. I talked on the phone with him for several hours before he would let me come meet the dog. When I finally did, it was pretty much love at first sight for both of us. 

The first time I entered Nap in a competition, we ran second in advance level Herding Dog Trials. Nap’s first big success was at the Nevada Jackpot Trial in Gardnerville, where he was High in Trial (HIT), meaning top dog in the competition, on one day and high combined for the weekend. Since then, Nap has earned multiple HITs and many other titles. In May he earned the title of Herding Trial Champion for completing 12+ advanced level competitions with a score of 80 points or above out of 100. 

I consider myself lucky to be able to participate in this sport. Even when the runs aren’t so good, it’s a joy to go to the post. So many people have helped me succeed. Our trainer is great, but Nap gets the bulk of the credit for developing my skills as a handler. He showed me how it’s done and is still teaching me. Whether walking to the post at a trial or in a practical ranch situation, I approach the matter with a confidence I would never have gained without him.

– Rusty Jeffers


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