The Divinity of Dogs

Once in a while, conservative economic pundit Ben Stein spouts an opinion we can agree with, as in this essay he delivered recently on the CBS News show, Sunday Morning. Watch the video at   — Ed.

My dear friend, the legendary editor Jim Bellows, died a few weeks ago of Alzheimer’s at age 86. In addition to being a WWII hero, a brilliant journalist and TV producer, and a great friend, he was a totally devoted animal lover. His last words were, “Where is my dog?”

I think of this because people keep asking me how to get through the recession, how to get through aging, how to get through a divorce. My answer is always the same: Get a dog. Dogs are our best friends. No matter what the problem in life, dogs are the answer.

Did you lose your savings in the crash? Horrible, and join the club. But your dog will love you no matter what. Your dog does not care how much money you have or don’t have. Did you lose your job? Horrible! But that just means you have more time to spend at home with your dog, taking him or her for walks, or throwing a ball, or playing Frisbee™.

Your dog doesn’t care if you don‘t have a fancy title any longer. Your dog doesn’t need a master with a big job; he needs a friend.

Divorced, lonely, ill – the best medicine is a dog’s love.

I wish I could tell you how lonely I was when I moved to New York City many years ago to work for the Wall Street Journal. All I had was my dog, Mary the Weimaraner.  She was the best companion on the planet and I’m sure I would have lost my mind without her. I’ve had ten Weimaraners and German Shorthaired Pointers since then. They’re heaven. 

Dogs are warm, fuzzy, unconditionally loving, devoted, intelligent, empathetic. I cannot control or foresee the economic future, or any other kind of future. I can only tell you that all of life goes better with dogs.

There are millions of them waiting at the pound or kennels near you needing a home. They don’t need anything fancy. They just need your love, and you need them. 

Take the first step to recovery right now: Get a dog.

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