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Spoiling Your Pup

Off the Shelf

For pup parents who didn’t know, Aug. 10 was National Spoil Your Dog Day, and thanks to eluxury (, Livesmart, and Culp upholstery fabrics, Bay Woof test dog Wiley has taken to sleeping on a plush orthopedic dog bed in the office. It augments a folded up yoga blanket that sometimes serves as her pillow.

At 2, Wiley is still a youngster and so far doesn’t suffer from orthopedic or arthritis issues, but it’s easy to see how an oldster with such problems would enjoy plopping down on this behemoth of a rectangular pad, which includes 5 inches of deluxe foam and stain-repellent corduroy-like duvet cover with “Livesmart technology.”

Bay Woof received a gray thick soft/firm reversible gel memory foam orthopedic dog bed in a size large (36 inches by 45 inches) ($140.99), and it’s big enough for the whole family to pile on. Wiley took to it immediately, and makes a personalized place for curling up by digging or scratching out a slight impression. So far it has been easy to swish away the claw marks later.

Wiley is mostly Husky and Malamute, so she sheds, and her hair does collect on the cover. Even so, the manufacturer promises easy care, and the durable cover is removable, washable, and (presumably) dryable. (Bay Woof will update readers if there’s an issue with shrinkage or manhandling.)

When Wiley entered the household about a year ago, she quickly went through a number of crate pads and dog beds, chewing holes in them when stressed or anxious. She is way more settled in now, but this bedding material seems uber sturdy and it is billed as being stain and moisture resistant. It looks as good today as it did when it arrived a month ago. The dark color is a definite plus.

As far as the reversible nature of the bed goes, though, I am not sure if one side is soft and the other is firm or what. Wiley is equally content on both sides, so I rotate which side is up every week or so. 

Something else I like about this bed is that pet owners can buy replacement duvet covers in many attractive patterns ($64.99 for size large). The muted gray ribbed patterns is perfect for the office, but for home, I might swap out for something brighter and more fun. 

This is definitely a welcome addition for my canine buddy.



Is someone in your circle a new puppy parent? The Ultimate Dog Box ($65.97) by Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. ( could be just what the new addition needs, and arrives in a cute package.

This collection comes with a big bag of small-batch Jerky Sticks (16 ounces), two toys —  a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ball with holes on each end and a 10-inch cotton rope — plus rosemary and camomile Calm Sensitive Shampoo (16 ounces) for puppy or delicate skin, and Stain & Odor Eliminator spray bottle (32 ounces).

Wiley is super ball obsessed, so she adores the ball. I can break the pliable jerky sticks into pieces and stuff them inside the ball to keep her busy for a good half hour. She does have a sensitive stomach, and so therefore doesn’t get these treats as nearly as often as she would like. The ingredients include beef, rice protein, spices, salt, sugar, garlic power, potassium sorbate, and natural wood smoke flavoring. The rope is a hit, too, with Wiley, but because she does like chewing so much, I always exercise supervision when she plays with rope toys to make sure she doesn’t end up with an intestine full of string. This rope makes a great tug toy, which is a concept Wiley is till getting her head around. 

Meanwhile, the shampoo and stain and odor eliminator have pleasant scents. Wiley doesn’t get many baths, she and hasn’t had a bathroom accident or any intestinal distress on carpet lately. But it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Main article photo by: Courtesy eluxury and Rocco & Roxie Supply Co.