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Quiz Time Again from The Caninologist

The Caninologist

Dogs have been all over the news lately, especially news out of Washington, D.C. We hope you’ve been paying attention. Just to be sure, here’s your latest Caninology Quiz:

1. Teams of dogs were invited into congressional offices on Capitol Hill the other day. They were there to:

a. Sniff out contraband.

b. Bolster security during impeachment hearings.

c. Offer congressional staff a break from the stress of wrapping up an exceptionally busy year.

d. Be photographed dressed up as Senators and House members.

2. The current residents of the White House don’t have a dog. The last dog-free president was:

a. Dwight Eisenhower

b. Calvin Coolidge

c. William McKinley

d. Andrew Johnson

3. President Trump retweeted a doctored photo showing him awarding a medal to a dog. Which dog was it?

a. Conan, the dog credited with assisting in the Oct. 27 raid in Syria that resulted in the death of terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

b. Bugsy, mascot of a right-wing book club in Bakersfield.

c. Fang, a German shepherd that White House adviser Stephen Miller brought along to the World Series as part of his security detail.

d. Budala, a dachshund wounded in a battle with the Kurds and brought to the White House by the president of Turkey.  

4. Lawmakers in the United Kingdom are being asked to enact legislation to address what issue of concern to canine owners?

a. Excessively strong tea, which can worsen arthritis symptoms in elder dogs.

b. Poisoning due to accidental ingestion of spoiled blood pudding.

c. Assaults by bagpipers upset about off-key howling during renditions of “Scotland the Brave.”

d. Stress caused by loud fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night.

5. An 11-year-old toy Pomeranian named Bella recently made history for what achievement?

a. She became the first toy Pomeranian sent into space.

b. While howling along in a recording studio at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, she was the first toy Pomeranian to match soprano Rachele Gilmore hitting the high A-flat in the “Doll’s Song” aria in Act I of Tales of Hoffmann.

c. She became the first toy Pomeranian accepted into the K9 training program of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

d. She was the first toy Pomeranian awarded the coveted AKC Scent Work Master title.

6. Ten thousand dogs are being recruited for a special project based in Seattle. Why?

a. A film director needs extras for a live-action canine version of Gone With The Wind. 

b. A band of the genre known as blackened-sludge-doom-death-metal is shooting a video for its song “We Love Puppies.”

c. Veterinarians at the University of Washington got $23 million from the NIH to study aging in dogs.

d. A dog food company is testing a new kind of kibble made primarily of coffee grounds. 


Carl T. Hall is a longtime union organizer in San Francisco who is now a co-owner of Word. A Café, now open for business in the Bayview Neighborhood. Readers can pick up copies of Bay Woof there.