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Pet Psychics “Tune In” to Animals

Do you ever wonder when walking by barking dogs or chattering squirrels, “What in the world are they saying?” It turns out there are people in the world with the ability to answer this question.

Of course, flashbacks of the classic British musical “Doctor Dolittle” appear, with Rex Harrison saving the day by actually communicating with lions, tigers, and – yes – bears. Oh my.

Hollywood is still hyping this ability, most recently with a comedic adaptation of the story starring Eddie Murphy. After watching the film I found myself really wanting to know – is it actually possible?

So I turned to the Internet and researched animal psychics or “mediums” in the Bay Area, hoping to gain some clarity on this mysterious profession. I found no Ouija Boards or voodoo dolls, just insightful and intuitive professionals whose rare gift helps animals and humans alike.

Charles Peden, a psychic medium and animal communicator based in Pioneer, California finds his work most meaningful in medical cases and when helping people connect with beloved pets who have passed on.

“Bringing closure to the families of deceased loved ones, locating missing animals, finding the bodies of missing persons,” says Peden. “The experiences are too numerous to count, and I find all of it gratifying.”

Peden first discovered his potential with deceased people in 2006 and realized his ability to speak with animals several months later. He has communicated with many types of animals, including dogs, horses, birds, and reptiles. While he does connect with animals who are deceased, he also can “see” basic health and wellness issues affecting pets. He has “spoken” with animals about their allergies and damaged organs, as well as physical pain.

“Pretty much every day I work with health-related issues,” says Peden.  “I am not a ‘magic bullet’ but I can feel their pain, sense the specific injuries or illnesses they have, and can make recommendations about treatment plans and the animals’ wishes. I work with a lot of end-of-life questions and have helped in many cases where vets were unable to resolve the issue.”

Peden adds that chatting with a sick or injured animal is just like interviewing a patient during the triage check in at the hospital. Sometimes dogs know exactly what is wrong, other times they just have a bit of pain here or there and require tests to pinpoint the problem.

Jessica Lanyadoo, an animal medium in San Francisco’s Mission District, also says that being able to “feel into” health issues for both humans and animals is a routine part of her work. While she doesn’t do healings, she is often able to help people identify the health problems of their pets.

“As an animal lover, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is for me to be able to help with these types of issues,” Lanyadoo says. “It can feel so hopeless, trying to figure out what’s going on with our animal friends. I’m grateful whenever I’m able to help shed some light there.”

Lanyadoo first found out she was able to communicate with animals when her rescue cat, Couger, started talking to her several years ago. “I was amazed to realize that I was hearing him. He’s had a huge hand in teaching me and helping me develop my confidence with animal communication over the years.”

Lanyadoo says that communicating with animals is a lot less complicated than people might imagine. She says animals communicate telepathically through pictures and communication happens via showing and receiving the images  This helps explain why, for both Lanyadoo and Peden, the animals do not need to be in the same room or even the same country for effective communication to occur.

In one particular instance last December, Peden had a client contact him regarding a missing dog. As usual, Peden requested only the name of the missing animal. He reached out telepathically to the dog and made no contact, as if the dog were ignoring him. He then asked the client if his dog had gone missing before and learned that she had taken off a few previous times and had never returned home on her own.

At this point Peden realized that after going missing for two weeks this dog was still not ready to come home. He told his client that the animal was not responding to him and that there was nothing he could do. With some urging, however, he reached out to the animal again.

“Still having no idea what breed I was working with, I told the dog that there were two choices, either suffer the indignity of being brought in via a tranquilizer dart, or turn herself in. I told the dog that she had a one-hour window the following morning when my client would be waiting for her at the location of the last sighting.”

Against all odds, the next morning the dog turned herself in as requested. Peden had another telepathic connection with her a few days later, during which the dog told him that she was a German Shepard and that she wanted a job as a K9 police officer.

This past June he received an update from his client – the dog is excelling in her work and is well on her way to realizing her dream. There have been no more runaway problems.

There will always be skeptics in the world, casting doubt and challenging the work of psychics, but the animal communicators I met say their unusual ability is a gift, not a burden. They are happy to be able to offer assistance to animals and their people when more conventional approaches fall short.

Aimee Rancer is a San Francisco transplant who appreciates a good smile, a cup of Morning Blend, and a French Bulldog. You can find her personal style blog at The Local Transplant.

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