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New Digs for Dogs From Revol

Off the Shelf

Are you or your dog picky about crates or kennels? We aren’t at our house, and Bay Woof test dog Wiley has several, including a primary one in the kitchen, one in the car, and one folded up in the garage at the ready for whenever and wherever it might be needed next. Since Wiley joined the family, we’ve experimented with different crate sizes, from extra large to large and now medium; these are collapsible wire crates, nothing fancy. In the beginning, she seemed a little insecure in the extra large. She adjusted fine to the large but now seems happiest in the medium, which is closer to her 33-pound self.

Bay Woof was excited when Revol contacted us recently about a fancy new type of crate, one couched as “the more comfortable, more ergonomic, and more beautiful dog crate” by Diggs founder and CEO Zel Crampton. Bay Woof watched the videos online and saw a person demonstrate a fold-up crate that easily went from flat to erect with a single pull and twist of a top lock. Happy dogs then padded their way in and plopped down, often on a pleasingly plump yet utilitarian and proprietary Snooz Pad (cobalt blue or gray, $79.99). There are a few clever slogans on the website: “From crate to great!” “Wire you settling? Join the Revolution.” “Ready to upgrade you dog’s digs?”

The Revol is very reminiscent of a well-appointed pop-up baby stroller, and in fact, Revol boats it considered consumer feedback and baby industry standards in coming up with its round-edge design for dogs. For now, Revol comes in one size, small, which accommodates dogs up to 30 pounds; and there is one color, gray.

Too small for Wiley, we enlisted cousin test dog Memphis, a petite Pomeranian, to check one out, and he consistently cozies up in a corner bed with plenty of extra room for water and food bowls. Here’s what we loved: its two doors, three access points, and handy removable tray. One side accordions up, and the stout latch on the front door is easy to use. There’s a handy “puppy divider” panel, too, and two built-in wheels for easy hauling when the whole thing is folded up.

About that advertised easy-as-pie snap-to-it set-up: I struggled with my Revol at the Bay Woof office for more than half an hour without success. I just couldn’t ever get the sides and top flush, so the locking mechanism wouldn’t work properly either. Frustrated, I quietly boxed it up and took it home where my handy husband eventually forced an akimbo side prong into its proper place, and, voila, the Revol crate easily raised and lowered as it should. Memphis and his mom seem happy with it.

Is Revol more beautiful, convenient, comfortable, and safe than other crates? You certainly won’t pinch a finger on the latch as with wire crates, and a toddler can probably lean on a Revol crate without hurting himself, the crate, or even the napping dog inside. If you’re into collapsible convenience or want a crate that’s more spiffy-looking than wire crates, with an aesthetic that’s more pleasing than the typical airline carrier crate or kennel, Revol is a sweet option.

Its open external dimensions are 26.9 inches long by 19.6 inches wide by 20.3 inches high compared with collapsed external dimensions of 32.9 x 19.6  x 9.5 — so not all that collapsed or flat. It weighs 23.2 pounds. Retailing at $224.99, it’s pricey, but it looks way less like a jail than what Wiley uses. Revol also offers a 30-day trial plus free shipping and returns.

“We created Revol because we wanted to make a better dog crate that didn’t make pet parents feel guilty. Not only does its sleek design and modern palette seamlessly blend into homes, Revol is at the forefront of industry safety standards thanks to our rigorous testing,” Crampton said in an introductory email to Bay Woof.

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