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NatureZway Uses Bamboo to Make Pet Products

Bamboo products seem to be everywhere these days, from cutting boards and countertops, to sheets, towels, and toothbrushes. There’s even a vegan substitute for wool made from the versatile and fast-growing grass. So, it’s not surprising that pet product companies are getting into the act, including

NatureZway, which, though most of its product line is aimed at humans, also makes three products aimed at your favorite Fido.

Compostable pet-waste bags ($5.75 for 60), perforated cleansing wipes ($4), and sponges for washing down dogs (two for $3) are the three options currently available, all made, as the website emphasizes, from a type of bamboo not consumed by pandas.

“The bamboo comes from defined and protected bamboo forests in China,” said NatureZway founder and CEO Sean Souluki. “Currently, the Chinese bamboo forests from which we harvest are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. The FSC is a domestic and international body that ensures forests are being managed correctly and without negative impact to the Earth.”

More and more dog owners are actively seeking out chemical-free products for their pets, and the fact that the NatureZway line is also made from a readily renewable and sustainable source is even more appealing, Souluki said.

“What really makes chemical-free products so special is that we can confidently say we aren’t harming the Earth after disposal,” he explained. “As consumers become aware of how their choices impact the environment, the demand for these types of products continues to gain massive momentum.” He described the demand as “snowball-like,” and noted that it’s encouraging manufacturers to explore newer and better ways “to do the right thing.”

And let’s face it: If you walk your dog (or dogs) regularly, you are using a lot of pet-waste bags, for example. While picking up after your dog is also the right thing to do, most of us worry about the amount of nonrecyclable plastic going into the waste stream.

That’s exactly what Souluki realized. “With the amount of waste that can be generated from common pet bags, it only made sense to include a compostable, biodegradable bag as an important segment of our product mix,” he said. His thought is that most people who love their dogs also want to take care of the environment. “As [people who buy these products] are all pet lovers, we wanted to provide products to take care of our beloved pets and the Earth at the same time.”

NatureZway pet products are available at New Leaf, Pacific Market, Good Health Natural Foods, and can be ordered online from Amazon and

Janis Hashe comes from a family of dog-lovers. Her current canines are both seniors and both rescues: 14-year-old goofy black Lab Lancelot and 13-year-old ever-patient Australian cattle dog mix Blondie. Lance, settle down, and Blondie, stay off the couch.




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