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More Praise for Animal Welfare Volunteers

In November, Bay Woof recognized outstanding volunteers who keep shelters and rescue groups running smoothly. We invite all animal welfare organizations that use volunteers to single a few out for special recognition each. Here are two we saw in the inbox after publication.

If your organization was missed, we’ll still recognize your volunteer if you send in the info to Bay Woof with the subject line Outstanding Volunteer. Email Oh, and there’s always November 2019.


Grateful Dogs Rescue

Michael Murphy, San Francisco

Never Says No to Puppies

Puppies! Who doesn’t love that puppy smell? Who can resist their silly antics? You would think that finding foster homes for puppies would be easy, but it’s not. Often, the need is immediate. And adorable puppies are lots of work.

Grateful Dogs Rescue is very fortunate to have Michael Murphy and his husband, Andy Schwartz, the perfect puppy fosters. They have fostered dozens and dozens of puppies.

Michael and Andy have taken in litters with their mom, underage puppies on their own, puppies with demodex, and puppies with broken bones.

A native San Franciscan, Michael has an extended family with members of all ages to come over and help socialize the puppies and sometimes even adopt one. Michael’s puppies are always ready to complete their forever home assignments.

—Maria Da Costa, Grateful Dogs Rescue,


Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation

Sue Cross, Lafayette

Always Helpful

In 15 years filled with more than 11,000 service hours, Sue Cross has helped save and enrich the lives of thousands of animals at Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation. But it’s not only the large amount of time Sue dedicates in support of ARF’s mission, but the incredible breadth of her dedication that makes her so special. Both on-site and throughout the community, she embodies ARF’s mission, “People Rescuing Animals and Animals Rescuing People.” Sue has assisted in pet adoptions, trained volunteers, and introduced school children to dog safety with her therapy dog, Cooper, all in one day. And, as always, she was never without her trademark smile.

No job is too small or challenge too great as demonstrated by the variety of ways Sue supports ARF in animal care, adoptions, events, humane education, and more. Sue’s favorite responses are, “What do you need?” and “How can I help?”

Sue’s endless talents, skills and energy have brightened days and improved the lives of countless Bay Area residents — animals and people alike.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to shine a spotlight on a special volunteer, her work, and her impact.

—Gaye McDuff, Volunteer Services Director, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation,


Main article photo by: Photo of Sue Cross and Cooper courtesy ARF