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More Great Animal Welfare Volunteers for 2019

Bay Woof missed (or messed up) these awesome volunteers in the November 2019 tribute to volunteers. Bay Woof does this annual celebration of the folks who keep animal welfare organizations, shelters, and rescues going with their dedication in our November issue and will do so for the November 2020 issue. These names will also be added to the November 2019 online issue. If Bay Woof overlooked you, please drop an email to the editor,, and accept a sincere apology for the misstep. 

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter


Brian Gustavson and Nancie Newby

Husband-and-wife team Nancie Newby and Brian Gustavson are certainly a dynamic duo for Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, They work primarily with the Dog TLC program (exercising and socializing dogs at the shelter), but they both wear many different hats. 

Nancie manages the shelter’s Instagram account and has taken the bone and run with it. She is relentless in her pursuit of photos that capture the essence of a shelter animal and then posts them for all to see. They are engaging, funny, goofy, heartwarming, and beautiful. Nancie also sits on the SCCAS Foundation board. This integral fundraising organization is critical to help the shelter go above and beyond in its lifesaving operations. A strong volunteer advocate, Nancie’s participation is a much needed voice.  

Brian is a Dog TLC mentor (trains new volunteers) and is perfect in this role. His calm, patient approach helps new volunteers navigate their way when they first start volunteering for SCCAS. He always has a smile on his face and a positive word of encouragement to offer. His nourishing demeanor also relates well to his dog handling skills. He sets the tone and leads by example when teaching new volunteers, which inspires self-confidence in their new skills. 

Nancie and Brian are fun and joyful to be around. Whether at the shelter, community events or playing with the dogs, their tireless support, dedication, and commitment to the shelter are inspiring and uplifting to all in the Santa Cruz community.

—Amy Gerome, Volunteer Coordinator

Photo courtesy Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter 

Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation

vicki muzny 4

Vicki Muzny

Volunteers commit to eight hours of service per month at Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation,, but only a handful can claim Vicki Muzny’s long-lasting commitment. Vicki has volunteered for more than 10 years, recently averaging 200 hours per month, to help ARF’s programs succeed. She is an outstanding volunteer, not just because of her hours, but also because she is an integral part of so many different departments. Vicki assists in nearly every aspect of ARF’s organization, including rescue and adoption efforts, plus she has expanded our community outreach efforts by training new volunteers in outreach dog handling. 

Vicki says she feels honored to be a part of sending dogs and cats to new homes, but we at ARF are the ones who feel honored. ARF is lucky to have such a hard-working team player. 

—Gaye McDuff, Volunteer Services Director

Photo courtesy Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation