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Meet Some Muttville Mutts

Doggie in in the Window



Half Pint

Half Pint

Half Pint may be diminutive, but there is nothing insignificant about him. This tender brown-and-white Chihuahua is an adorable little one who wags his tail with his heart and is pure love. Curious and friendly, Half Pint is someone who you will want by your side as much as possible. Half Pint will turn your frowns into smiles, and your smiles into laughter. Half Pint is estimated to be 12 years young and weighs in at a whopping 6 pounds.





All Muttville dogs are wonderful, but this sweetheart really ticks all the boxes. Ceviche loves snuggles, loves walks, and is super sweet and entertaining. Mellow, adorable, polite, and a low-activity dog, she is so excited about finding a family of her own that she wiggles constantly. Ceviche would be a great addition to any loving home. Ceviche is estimated to be 13 years young and weighs 6 pounds.




Dylan is big shep mix full of love and goofiness and charmed everyone at Muttville right away. He knows when to be calm and quiet but shows you his funky side when you are up for it. He is a great companion for any big dog fan. If you are looking for a big furry pal, look no further and meet Dylan soon. Dylan is estimated to be 10 years old and weighs 90 pounds.



Big Lebowski

This dog-dude has style. He is the coolest and most awesome Shepherd and Rottweiler mix around. With his light and dark brown fur and big beautiful brown eyes, he’s a real sensation, the ultimate buddy for those days inside and outside. Call him The Dude or His Dudeness, but definitely call him. If you are looking for a big goofy guy who loves lots of attention and gets lots of it, Big Lebowski is right up your alley. He is estimated to be 10 years young and weighs 84 pounds.





Named for cherry blossoms and also known as Sake, Sakura is one of the friendliest and outgoing little ladies. A one-of-kind Pomeranian, she is a very young 14 year old who has quite a bit of pep in her step and is a pretty dancer and prancer. Anyone wanting to add some happy to her life needs Sakura in it. Sakura is estimated to be 14 years young and weighs about 13 pounds.


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